It’s important to understand that we want to give a great part of Boomland back to Nature. This area shall become a reserve which we will nurture according to our Environmental Plan. We want to use this area to gain environmental knowledge, not only for cultural events. Of course that still leaves us with plenty of space to create various temporary cultural┬ázones where creativity, awareness and spirituality can thrive (see map). This is what we plan to do in these areas:

Main objectives:

  • Music and culture events (e.g. Boom Festival)
  • Wellbeing events (e.g. Being Gathering), retreats (e.g. yoga, meditation)
  • Educational courses (e.g. permaculture, bioconstruction)
  • Development of the first sustainable park of art and nature in the world: Artistic and cultural projects with observation and interpretation of nature
  • Restoration and reconstruction of traditional infrastructure (e.g. walls, fountains, ponds)

Other activities:

  • Frequent events with a focus on sustainable living during the months of Spring and Summer
  • Creation of art and nature paths
  • Building sustainable support infrastructures for the observation of nature without ecologic impact, emphasising its temporary nature

Action Plan Matrix_boomland