Included are areas of heathland with occasional trees in mild topographical situations that border most of Idanha’s reservoir and occasionally extend to the valley areas nearby.


  • Promote the grazing activity on the property as a way to use existing rangelands, promotion and foment of traditional activities in the region and, simultaneously, control of the vegetal mass that works as fuel for forest fires;
  • Given the specifications of the terrain. implementing the choice of cattle sheep since it allows:
  • Increased header over longer periods;
  • Allows lower forage mass;
  • Allows lower plant growth in height (3-6 cm);
  • Causes less trampling.


  • Implementation of improved pastures in September / October, before the emergence of natural species (during the rainy season) with minimal soil mobilization. It will be possible to opt for direct sowing when soils are not stony, the slope is less than 5% and the density of the stands allows a good operability of the seed dispenser, as is the case;
  • Grazing in continuous mode (instead of rotating per plot) to avoid compaction by trampling, especially in shallow soils or in areas subject to flooding;
  • indicated sheep amount is in the order of 4.5 ewes / ha.